Desktop Punch Bag
Desktop Punch Bag
Desktop Punch Bag
Desktop Punch Bag

Desktop Punch Bag

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Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 13.7" x 6.3" diameter
  • Immensely strong suction cup
  • Includes a pump
  • Handles an insane amount of abuse
  • Way more fun than a stress ball!




There's something quite satisfying about hitting a punching bag — especially after "touching base", "giving 110%", "taking it to the next level", "running numbers", "shifting paradigms", and "moving the goal post" all week long.

Go ahead and slap the Desktop Punching Bag on to your desk and take out a bit of your aggression Rocky III style*.

*This means you snarl incredulously at the bag as you taunt, "You ain't so bad. You ain't so bad. You ain't nothing. Yeah, I ain't breathing heavy!" and then proceed to knock it out.

Hand punching the Desktop Punching Bag in an office.
A few jabs on the Desktop Punching Bag may be just what the doctor ordered
after enduring a few too many "let's touch base" phone calls.

Go ahead, hit it as hard as you want!

The strength of the Desktop Punching Bag amazes nearly everyone who uses it. You can slug it as hard as you want, and the suction cup will not come unstuck.

Check out the photo below where we lifted an end table purely from the strength of the suction cup. It's seriously strong.

Note: Moving the suction cup is simple. Just peel up an edge and it releases easily.

The suction cup on the Stress Reliever Desktop Punching bag is strong enough to lift a table.
The Desktop Punching Bag features an amazingly strong suction cup.
Hit it as hard as you want, bro. It ain't going nowhere.

Comes with its own pump

Inside the Desktop Punching Bag is an inflatable bag. Ocassionally, it will require a top-off. You can use any standard air pump with a needle attachment or the included hand pump.

The Desktop Punching Bag comes with a pump included.
Conveniently, the manufacturer includes a small hand pump to inflate your Desktop Punching Bag.