DIY Surprise Love Explosion Box

DIY Surprise Love Explosion Box

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A Memorable Gift that Will Set You Apart

Looking for a unique gift?

Finding an original present it's not always an easy task when you want to offer something different to your loved ones.

The Memories Box is the most unique and meaningful gift for a family member or a friend.

All the memories and good times spent with your children, husband, friends will be gathered in this memorable gift box.

The Best Part?

When the box is closed, it looks like a normal gift box, but when opened, all the sides fall back to reveal a large multilayer card!

Craft the Best Gift Ever

The Memories Box is a fully DIY customizable box (the box must be assembled) you can stick pictures, writing words and personalize by using different accessories as stencils, stickers, stamp, tape, markers and much more to create a memorable gift for friends or family.

Clean and Beautiful Templates

The box contains beautiful predefined templates, just waiting for your creativity.